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Shieldnet Ltd first opened its doors in 2002 as an IT support company, building a diverse client base from many market sectors. We have developed our solutions to be able to cover your entire technology requirements. By choosing the most reliable suppliers and building long term relationships, we can offer you the best products at competitive prices.  We are constantly taking on new clients who understand that IT is a resource to help them succeed, to be more efficient and ultimately keep them ahead of their sector.  

Our vast knowledge of product integration allows us to provide easy to manage, cost effective platforms from which you can build your business. We are communication specialists supplying business class internet circuits and hosted corporate products to businesses of all sizes and locations.     

Shieldnet is based on the outskirts of Wrexham, our client base stretches from Lancashire to the Midlands, with our main focus areas being North West & North Wales. We are focused on these areas to ensure that we are able to offer our customers a timely service. Our response and fix times are second to none and a reason we have retained some of our clients for ten or more years. 


Solutions & Support To Help You Succeed.

Think Outside Of The Box


The values which drive our business forwards and keep us focused

Integrity :- Without honesty there is no trust, without trust there is no working relationship, we will always give you the honest answer.

Reliable :- Lets not pretend things don't go wrong, but when they do we are always there to assist and provide a solution to get things back on track.

Innovative:- Our business is all about finding solutions to problems, being able to think outside the box is a key element to our success. 

Quality:- We have high standards and take pride in providing a quality service to our customers, after all, if a jobs worth doing.... 

Balance:- Maintaining a healthy work life balance is essential for productivity, we work hard and play hard. 

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Shieldnet Ltd, Wrexham

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